Boat trip Blue Cave Mallorca and Formentor Beach

Do you know the Blue Cave of Mallorca? Do you want a boat tour to Formentor and enjoy one of the most special beaches on the island? At MySeaExperience we offer you the best excursions and tours around the island so that you can enjoy the itinerary you choose as you prefer. Do you dare to discover breathtaking places on a boat trip from Alcudia to Formentor?



Excursion to Blue Cave of Mallorca

Discover the magic of the blue cave of Mallorca. Its shape is 100% natural, the result of the erosion of the waves and the wind, which has shaped a unique and special natural environment that you can discover on your excursion to the blue cave in Mallorca.

Tour of our excursion to the Blue Cave and Formentor beach

But one of the critical issues when visiting the blue cave of Mallorca is how to get there. Do not you worry about anything! The excursion begins in the port of Alcudia, and from there, we will sail by boat to Fomentor for 25 minutes until we reach the lighthouse, where you can learn about its history.

Whenever the weather and sea conditions allow, we will anchor to see the blue cave of Mallorca, which is under the cliff, between the rocks where a dome is formed that makes the bottom take on a bright turquoise blue look, where you can swim. and enter the cave for 20 minutes.

Next, we visit the “pirate cave”, where you can discover the rock formations and the light reflected in the water that make the cave a wonder to behold. One of the best places to discover in Alcudia and Formentor on a boat trip.

Afterwards, we will begin the boat trip to Formentor, where we will moor the boat to the dock in front of the beach to enjoy a swim, a walk or have a drink on the terraces in front. You will enjoy the opportunity to discover the blue cave and snorkelling in Mallorca.

Keep in mind that it is not essential to know how to swim to enjoy bathing, although it is recommended. You can have a life jacket if you don’t know how to swim to enjoy safely… and take a dip! Your safety is our priority on all our Mallorca caves boat tours.


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Schedules and departures to visit the
Blue Cave of Mallorca

We organize the excursions to Formentor from Alcudia on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the morning and afternoon. Both days you can enjoy an excursion to Formentor at 10:30 or 15:30, and enjoy a tour of the Balearic waters to see the blue cave of Mallorca and other key points on the island.

Keep in mind that the excursion lasts approximately 3 hours, and both snorkeling and paddle surfing equipment are available to enjoy the swim.


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Services included in the excursion to the Blue Cave and Formentor Beach

The excursion to the blue cave of Mallorca includes boat rental, visit to the blue cave and the pirates’ cave, and paddle surfing and snorkeling equipment, as well as a life jacket for those who do not know how to swim and want to enjoy the bathroom.

In addition, MySeaExperience offers an exclusive and unique free transfer service on all our Formentor boat trips. Don’t worry about travel: when you book your excursion to the blue cave, you can select the pickup box and you will receive a confirmation email, with the exact time and pickup point. And at the end of the tour, we will take you back to the hotel. Don’t you worry about anything!

Why choose us to visit the Blue Cave and Formentor Beach?


At MySeaExperience we have everything so you can enjoy the excursion to the blue cave however you want. Mallorca is full of attractions and we will take you on a boat trip from Alcudia to Formentor, the blue cave, the pirates’ cave and the lighthouse.

You will be able to enjoy the best water activities in the most attractive places of Mallorca, and enjoy, in the morning and afternoon, a tour that you cannot miss if you do not know the blue cave snorkeling in Mallorca or Formentor cape.

What makes us different?

If you are looking for a Formentor boat trip or a oat trip cave boat tour in Mallorca, in small groups, with all transportation services, round-trip transfer, and snorkeling and paddle surfing equipment included, choose MySeaExperience. We are your best option to discover Mallorca like you have never seen it before!

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Trip to the Blue Cave of Mallorca and Formentor Beach


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